2012 KTM Freeride E Specs and Review

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2012 KTM Freeride E - KTM has taken on the challenge to develop off-road motorcycle sport purely electrically driven to mass production. After more than three years of the most intense, where we sometimes break completely new ground, the project “Freeride E” finally materialized.

grey 2012 KTM Freeride E Specs and Review2012 KTM Freeride E

KTM has come up with products that are globally unique and truly one of a kind. Developed in-house, electric motors drive the Freeride is not only with great dynamism, but also with no emissions and virtually silent. And that in turn opens a significant expansion of its range of applications. Such as KTM, E Freeride is all about pure driving pleasure. KTM offers off-road racing bike with an electric drive. With the first motorcycle its Zero Emission, a global leader in off-road electric motorcycle launch-driven off-road sports bike to prove that the fun of riding and environmental sustainability are perfectly compatible. This development is firmly rooted in a clear lead in the KTM off-road motorcycle racing and the intention to aggressively expand the company’s main strategic pillars – with the launch of a unique product which is the first of its kind.

quality and performance of sport, which at the same powertrain technology is considered almost impossible to achieve in the sport bike today. Globally unique in its radicalness, this vehicle is very light, very dynamic and powerful propulsion while providing emission free and nearly silent with its electric powertrain. Revolutionary concept is one possible step in bringing off-roading closer to metropolitan areas, as well as building a riding area in places that used to be unthinkable. Ideally, this could be interesting the use of exercise equipment close to home. Besides the opportunity to inspire a new target group with the exciting world of off-road motorcycles.

300V battery, power electronics developed by KTM and a brushless, synchronous motors are made in Mattighofen that provides up to 22kW peak power makes for a high-performance powertrain and pleasant ride extreme tracks that are not strictly limited and meandering. With its 42nm of torque, which – typical electric motor – is available from the beginning, do not be afraid of combustion-based competitors.

a short time and fully recharge an empty battery in 90 minutes. Given the typical use their vehicles off-road, KTM also went to a lot of effort to fully cover the complete drive and energy unit. Motors, power electronics, battery – any and all driveline components have been 100 percent proven to dust and water. This means that either difficult terrain or fording raises the limits of technology. It also means that the bike can be cleaned with a pressure washer in a typical regular off-road mode.

E Freeride is the first production bike to use the design of high voltage of 300 Volts, similar to electric cars. There are good reasons – the higher the voltage, the lower the electric current, which in turn means you can use the power of life smaller and lighter components. Any concerns about the high voltage is not unfounded, because from the beginning, the developers have made the KTM does not compromise his safety anywhere.

2012 KTM Freeride E Pictures

grey 2012 KTM Freeride E Specs and Review2012 KTM Freeride E

grey 2012 KTM Freeride E Specs and Review2012 KTM Freeride E

grey 2012 KTM Freeride E Specs and Review2012 KTM Freeride E

grey 2012 KTM Freeride E Specs and Review2012 KTM Freeride E

grey 2012 KTM Freeride E Specs and Review2012 KTM Freeride E

2012 KTM Freeride E Specifications

Drive Unit 

Electric motor
Rated output
Max. power
Max. motor speed
Traction battery
Rated voltage
Recharge time


Front suspension
Rear suspension
Suspension travel front/rear
Brake front/rear
Wheels front/rear
Tires front/rear
Steering head angle
Ground clearance
Seat height
Weight, approx.


Permanent magnet synchronous motor in a disc armature design
7.5 kW (10 hp) @ 6000 rpm
22 kW (30 hp) @ 6000 rpm
42 Nm @ 500 rpm
6600 rpm
Lithium-ion (easily removed)
300 V
2.1 kWh
1.5 h


Perimeter steel-aluminium composite frame
Aluminium Ø 28/22 mm
WP USD Ø 43 mm
WP PDS shock absorber
250/260 mm
Formula disc brakes Ø 240/210 mm
1,60 x 21”; 1,85 x 18” GIANT RIMS
80/100-21″; 110/90-18″
5/8 x 1/4″
1418 ±10 mm
910 mm
20 min professional, 45 min amateur
95 kg

2012 KTM Freeride E

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